Art Fair Concessions Application Form

Please complete all information below:

This is an application. A contract will be emailed should you be selected to participate. The completed contract, booth payment and proof of insurance must be received no later than seven business days after receipt. Failure to submit appropriate payment, contract and proof of insurance within the specified time period may result in cancellation of concessionaire acceptance.

Concessionaire Booth Information:

  • Booth dimensions (including awnings, overhangs, etc.)
    ft. x ft.
  • Truck dimensions (including awnings, overhangs, etc.)
    ft. x ft.
  • Signage: signs must not exceed 2 feet above your booth/truck
  • Please include a photo of your booth to aid in the selection process:

Water Hookup:

Do you need a water hookup for your booth?

Electrical Information

In order to ensure that all vendors receive the A/C power required we need to know the size and quantity of circuits needed.

Do you need electrical service for your booth?

If yes, please indicate electrical requirements below:

  • 120 voltage, 20 amps (standard outlet) quantity:
  • 240 voltage, 30 amps quantity:
  • 240 voltage, 50/60 amps quantity:

Each vendor is responsible to provide 50 feet of cord sized properly for the circuit or circuits needed:

  • 120 volt, 20 amps require 12 gauge cords-one per circuit needed
  • 240 volt, 30 amps require 10 gauge
  • 240 volt, 50/60 amps require 6 gauge

We are not responsible for faulty or inadequate wiring of the vendor units. Please test and verify your power requirements prior to arrival.


Three (3) professional references from similar events (e.g., fairs, festivals, etc.) are required if your organization has not participated as a concessionaire the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3

Proposed Menu Items

  • Please describe menu ingredients and methods of preparation. Menu ingredients and preparation methods will aid in the selection process of concessionaires.
  • Menu items are limited to ten.
  • If selected, we reserve the right to limit menu items to avoid duplication with other vendors.
  • Your menu items may be printed in promotional materials for the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff.
  • Please submit your full menu in PDF format:

Menu Item 1


Menu Item 2


Menu Item 3


Menu Item 4


Menu Item 5


Menu Item 6


Menu Item 7


Menu Item 8


Menu Item 9


Menu Item 10