Chihuly Renewal Project

Chihuly Renewal Project LogoThe Beacon Gold Chandelier by world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly features 240 signature glass shapes, including the horn, split leaf and Venetian leaf in bumblebee yellow.

The Krasl Art Center dedicated the Beacon Gold Chandelier in 2000 to local resident Ed Conrad. As a highly distinguished banker and community leader, Ed served the Krasl Art Center for more than 25 years. Today, his commitment to the community continues to be a celebrated example of selfless service.

In 2010, the lights illuminating the artwork began burning out with increasing frequency. It soon became clear that the lighting system had fulfilled its lifespan and needed to be upgraded in order to illuminate this magnificent sculpture for our community.

Chihuly ChandelierThe Chihuly Renewal Project included:

  • Deinstallation of the intricate sculpture by a team of Chihuly-certified art handlers
  • Installation of a new energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting system under the leadership of a lighting designer
  • Inspection of the rigging which secures the sculpture in place
  • Cleaning of each of the 240 individually blown glass shapes prior to its reinstallation

Together we will raised $50,000 in support of the Beacon Gold Chandelier.